The Abundance Myth Dispelled

Make sure you're continuing to add value to your real estate leads and clientsWe particularly like the post below from real estate coach and trainer Richard Robbins because of how it highlights the importance of adding value to your sphere of influence (SOI) over time. Many Agents understand the value of keeping in touch with past clients but don’t realize the significance of actually “adding value.”

Here’s how to add value to your relationships with clients and past clients:

1. Send out a monthly real estate newsletter that’s packed with great tips and advice for homeowners. The best real estate contact management software, such as IXACT Contact, will come with a professionally written and designed monthly e-Newsletter that’s complete and ready to send.

2. Invite clients to a “home expert seminar.” This is where you ask a professional, such as an interior designer or landscape architect to come in and speak to a group of people about how to remodel their kitchen or tips for boosting curb appeal, for example. Usually these professionals are happy to give a talk to a group of people as it means new leads for them. It’s easy to plan and schedule home expert seminars in your real estate contact management software.

3. Schedule drip marketing email campaigns in your real estate contact management software. These campaigns consist of emails that automatically go out at various times. Each email provides a useful tip that will help to position you as the ultimate real estate authority (as a true “home expert”).

Enjoy this post from Richard Robbins:

We learn early in life to seek abundance–to want more as a way of ensuring our safety and success. From a young age, though, we’re taught that abundance is entirely about getting. Getting richer. Getting more stuff. Getting ahead. Getting the deal. Getting the sale. Getting a break. Getting a leg up. Getting it done. As a culture, we’re obsessed with getting. Click here to read more…

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