Our Top 5 Most Popular Real Estate Contact Management and Marketing Blog Posts

Our top five real estate contact management blog postsAs you may already know, we’ve been blogging twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) every week since we began our Real Estate Contact Management & Marketing Blog over three years ago. We have many loyal readers and get plenty of positive feedback on our posts all the time. However, there are some blog posts that have stood out; that you’ve told us you particularly liked or found to be valuable to your business.

Below are our five most popular posts to date based both a) feedback from you and b) number of views.

Top Real Estate Contact Management and Marketing Posts

1. The Ultimate Checklist to Getting More Organized

This article outlines six amazing ways to get and stay more organized in your real estate sales career. As you’ll read, drip marketing should be an important part of your real estate marketing plan, as it’ll help automate a lot of your “keeping in touch” work.

2. Real Estate Prospecting: 3 Ways to Prospect Like a Pro

Every now and then we get guest authors to contribute to our blog. In this blog post, Gabrielle Jeans, a leader in real estate internet marketing, explains everything you need to know about real estate prospecting.

3. How to Make Sure Your Emails Get Through

When we speak of email marketing, a key question we get asked is, “How do I make sure my emails don’t get caught by spam filters?” This article discusses two key things you can do to increase the likelihood your real estate marketing emails get through. Remember, using a dedicated email service provider (ESP), like IXACT Contact, is vital to maximizing deliverability rates.

4. The Amazing Impact of Real Estate Thank You Cards

Handwritten real estate Thank You cards may seem old fashioned, but perhaps that’s why they’re so impactful to the people receiving them. This blog post outlines just why a real estate Thank You card is so important, when to send a Thank You card, and how you should approach writing one.

5. Closing Gift Ideas for Real Estate Sales Professionals: The Best of The Best

IXACT Contact is a member of the real estate blogging community, ActiveRain. On ActiveRain, we’ve come across so many great closing gift ideas that we thought we’d consolidate all of them and put them into a blog post for you.  In this article you’ll read some fantastic, highly creative closing gift ideas that we know you’ll love.

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