The Evolution of Real Estate Lead Generation

Today’s blog post is a video by Chris Leader, President of Leader’s Edge Training and IXACT Contact affiliate. Chris says that when you’re starting out your real estate sales career, you need to prospect for business and make cold calls (what he calls “proactive prospecting”) to build up a list of leads and clients.

Once you have a few years in the business under your belt, you can cut back on the prospecting and focus on relationship-building with your current database, your sphere of influence (SOI). This is precisely where a CRM for Agents comes into play.

If you have clients you’ve worked with in the past and leads sitting in your database, you need to stay “top of mind” with those clients and nurture your leads. This is how you can get new business, time and again, without having to “prospect” for business.

A CRM for Agents has all the tools you need to easily stay in touch with clients and turn leads into listings. Send out a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter, get started with drip marketing campaigns, and much, much more.

Enjoy the video (if you are unable to see the video due to receiving this blog post through email, please click on the title of the blog post):

Do you use a CRM for Agents? If so, has it helped you to grow your business?