The Road to Success in Simple 10 Steps: Real Estate CRM

Are you a real estate agent trying to climb the ladder of success? If so, you are reading the right blog. This blog will map out 10 steps that can lead you to the road to success. The main goal of being successful as a real estate agent is to build long-lasting relationships with your clients which can help you get more referrals and repeat business. You might ask yourself how can I do that? Well, the answer is simple, a good real estate CRM can help you achieve that. To make this easier for you, IXACT Contact’s CRM can help you reach all your goals, read along, and find out how.

  1. IXACT Contact’s goal-setting tool and a visual dashboard: The goal-setting tool helps you set your income that you aim to achieve in a year, referrals, and key goals for the year. Once you set your goals, you can use the dashboard to track your performance throughout the year.


  1. Monthly e-Newsletter: It is important to send a professional monthly e-Newsletter, and IXACT Contact makes that easy for you. Professionally written, designed content that is sent out on your behalf placing you as an authority in all real estate and home-related needs.


  1. Make relationship-building calls 4 times a year: As mentioned earlier, building long-term relationships with clients help drive referrals and repeat business. Oftentimes, you get busy and forget about these calls. With IXACT Contact CRM it will remind you when to make these calls.


  1. Make happy birthday calls and send e-Cards once a year: One of the most important aspects of building relationships is maintaining those relationships and what better way to maintain them is by sending happy birthday e-Cards. This shows that you are genuinely trying to build long-lasting relationships. IXACT Contact will remind you in advance and send automated e-Cards on your behalf.


  1. Make move-in anniversary calls and send e-Cards: Another part of building a relationship is to remember a client’s move-in anniversary and send an e-card for the occasion. This becomes easy with IXACT Contact CRM as it will remind you in advance and an automated e-Card on your behalf.


  1. Send JUST LISTED e-Flyers 4-12 times a year: From a library of customizable templates IXACT Contact will email those e-Flyers for you. All you must do is pick a template and customize it according to your brand personality.


  1. Send JUST SOLD e-Cards 4-12 times a year: IXACT Contact not only includes JUST LISTED but also easy-to-use customizable templates for JUST SOLD e-Cards. Once you have customized it, the CRM will send the e-Card on your behalf.


  1. Schedule annual real estate check-ups once a year: It is important to do an annual real-estate checkup once a year as it helps with building and maintaining relationships with your clients. IXACT Contact will remind you exactly when to schedule these visits.


  1. Host a client appreciation event once a year: Hosting an event to show your appreciation towards your clients will help you become the real estate agent that clients trust and care. This will lead to more referrals and repeat business. IXACT Contact schedules and manages all the tasks and communication needed for a successful client appreciation event.


  1. Provide high-value content on social media once a day: social media has become an integral part of marketing and engaging with clients. IXACT Contact’s Social Stream will post engaging content related to real estate, home, and lifestyle to your social media channels daily without any work required on your end.


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