#1 Real Estate Contact Management System: Robust and Easy to Use

As a real estate agent juggling multiple projects and tasks at the same time, you need a contact management system that helps you build and grow your business. You might wonder if something like this even exists. The answer is simple it does exist. With IXACT Contact’s CRM you get the number 1 Real Estate Contact Management System that makes your work easier. If you would like to know the features of this CMS, you are in the right place.  This blog will showcase the benefits of the Contact Management System.

  1. Organize and gain control of your Contact Database:

Have you ever looked at your contacts and realized that they are scattered all over the place? Do you have to spend multiple hours a week sorting through that list? It must be time-consuming and frustrating. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place.  With IXACT Contact you can organize your database and easily manage it. I know it sounds overwhelming, but our Concierge Setup Service guides you every step of the way and helps you organize your database. The best part is that with our mobile app and Google sync, your contact information is readily available at your disposal.

  1. Personal Assistant

Picture this: A personal assistant working for your 24 hours 7 days a week, doesn’t it sound lovely? This personal assistant helps you close leads, build long-lasting relationships with your clients, say all the right things to the right people and manage your business. To top it all It also stays up to date with everything business-related. This picture-perfect personal assistant is possible with IXACT Contact. Your life gets easier with IXACT Contact’s CRM, you can go to bed every night feeling satisfied and knowing that your business is taken care of, and you are building lifelong relationships with your clients.

  1. Keep in Touch Coach

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up and find out that your day is already organized? With IXACT Contact’s Keep in Touch Coach, you get exactly that. It tells you every day who you need to connect with, who you need to call, based on when you last spoke with them. It also automates reminders of any special events like birthdays and move-in anniversaries for your clients. This helps you build and maintain relationships with your clients which in turn helps with referrals and repeat business. The Keep in Touch Coach also helps you stay on top of hot prospects, nurture longer-term leads and build loyal relationships with clients.

  1. Create Your Lead Generating Machine:

Another amazing feature of IXACT Contact is that the lead capture is fully automated. IXACT Contact makes it easy for you to capture your lead and nurture them, which means more business and more clients. It helps you capture leads from any website or lead vendor like Zillow, you can also receive a text/email and be the first one to lead.

  1. Achieve your Goals:

When the new year starts, we assign ourselves goals to achieve throughout the year. With IXACT Contact this becomes easy. IXACT Contact CRM helps you achieve your goals by providing a personalized roadmap. You must wonder what does that even means? Well, you set your gross commission goal and then work backward to determine how many listings and buyer sales you will need to achieve your goal. Another best part is that you can also set goals for meeting new contacts, getting referrals, and keeping in touch with calls.


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