The Ultimate Agent Resources for Getting More Organized

Get organized!2Have you ever reflected on how much being organized impacts your life and your career as an Agent?

According to Newsweek, The average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things they own but can’t find.  Can you think of better ways to spend an hour a day? I certainly can!

Getting and staying organized is important for real estate professionals for many reasons. You’ll save time and energy, reduce stress, and boost efficiency and confidence.

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Real estate agents are notorious for hectic work schedules, demanding hours, and piles of paperwork. No wonder so many of us struggle to get organized! Today I’m compiling a list of the ultimate resources for getting more organized. Check out these Agent resources and start enjoying the benefits of being an organized agent.

[VIDEO] Get Organized with Listing and Closing Activity Plans

Listing and closing Activity Plans are like your private virtual assistant, sending you an email at the perfect time to do everything you should be doing in the listing and closing processes. It’s the ultimate organization boost! Check out this video on how Activity Plans help you stay in control of your business.

How to Avoid Burning Our as a Real Estate Agent

If you’re part of the 46% of Americans who feel their job is interfering with their personal life, you might be at risk of Agent burnout. Or worse, you might already be burnt out! Too often career disorganization can lead to burnout. Read this article to learn how to alleviate stress, manage your time effectively, and avoid burning out.

The Ultimate Checklist for Getting More Organized

How many of these items can you check off the list? In this post you’ll read 6 actionable steps for getting more organized as an Agent. Organization isn’t always easy, especially when you’re a busy real estate professional. Here’s a checklist to make sure you get and stay 100% organized and in control of your business.

5 Real Estate Marketing Tasks You Should Automate

Some of your tasks require that you carry them out yourself, but there are parts of your day that could be automated.  Taking advantage of technology will help you stay organized and free up some of your time. Are you spending too much time manually completing tasks that could be automated?  Here are 5 key real estate marketing tasks that you should automate to save some time.

How Do You Increase Business Productivity in Real Estate?

Being organized goes hand-in-hand with being productive. Building these good habits is a process.  Check out these tips on how to be a more productive real estate agent and incorporate some of them in your daily routine.

6 Must-Do Organization Tips for Busy Agents

Does it feel like you have no time? Are you busy showing properties, talking to clients and closing sales – so busy that your work space is growing more chaotic by the minute? This is bound to happen if organization falls to the bottom of your priority list. With the right tips, however, you can stay 100% organized and in control of your business.

Benefits of a Real Estate CRM

Of course, it’s challenging to get organized without the right tools in place. Having the right real estate contact management system can help you merge your real estate marketing efforts with your business process, allowing you to focus in on both current and prospective clients in a way that is timely, relevant, personalized, and most importantly, efficient and effective.

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