4 Memorable Ways to Get Real Estate Referrals from Past Clients

real estate referralsIf you are a regular visitor of this blog, you know that I’m a big promoter of real estate referrals.  Leads that come to you through a mutual acquaintance or past client are usually high quality and ready to make a move.  I really enjoyed this post on Inman written by Alex Quilici.  If you’re looking for better ways to get highly motivated real estate referrals, keep on reading.

Alex writes:

More than half of the leads you will generate as an agent come from referrals and past clients. This works out great for you in a couple of ways:

  1. It means making a great impression on just one client could send new client leads your way.
  2. Your referral already trusts you and is ready to invest in you and your business.

For any businessperson, and especially real estate agents, this is key.

People who are looking to make a significant life change by purchasing a home will seek the advice of friends and family. If someone is referred to you, he or she will already trust in you because his or her friend or family member did. So how do you make sure past clients are referring you?

Here are four ways to secure every referral opportunity:

1. Change up your email signature

For people to remember you, your email signature will need to be something that sticks. Instead of just using your name and company in your email signature, add your logo with links to your social sites so that your email recipients have opportunities to learn more about you and familiarize themselves with who you are.

If your email signature sticks with clients, it’ll be easier for them to remember and recommend you to a friend or relative later down the road.

IXACT Contact Tip: Adding a customized email header and signature is easy with IXACT Contact real estate CRM.  It’s a terrific way to extend your brand message and remain top of mind with your past clients! Best of all, our friendly customer support team will set up your email header and signature as part of our Concierge Startup Service!

2. Make a real estate referrals reward program

If you provide your clients with an incentive to refer you, they’ll be more likely to and will jump at the opportunity. Sometimes your clients won’t come across anyone who needs an agent for several years.

A referral rewards program will help former clients remember your services and want to refer their friend to you. Some referral reward ideas are money or a gift like home staging.

IXACT Contact Tip: Use the powerful email marketing platform included with IXACT Contact to send a mass email to all of your past clients. Let them know how much you value referrals, and how you will thank them for any referrals they send your way.

3. Get your client’s cell phone number

Having your clients’ cell numbers is a great way for you to connect instantly. It will also provide an opportunity to exchange information and get added to their phonebook so they’ll have your number handy to pass on to friends who might need an agent in the future.

IXACT Contact Tip: Adding your client’s cell phone number is easy when you’re able to manage your CRM directly from your mobile phone! IXACT Contact’s CRM App is like having a personal assistant with you all the time. It’s easy to contact customers by phone, email, or text message no matter where you are!

4. Add a ‘recommend a friend’ section to your website

If they only have your card, it could easily get tossed within a few months after closing the sale. This way, you’ll both be able to contact each another easily.

Sometimes, a past client will want to recommend you to someone but will forget or won’t have an easy way to do so. To solve this, add a “refer a friend” page on your Agent website in an easy-to-spot location.

When your past clients look you up and see the referral page, they’ll know how much you value referrals, and how easy it is to pass them on to you.

IXACT Contact Tip: With IXACT Contact’s Agent Websites, you have the freedom to add as many web pages as you’d like. Add a page explaining how past customers can refer you and make it easy for them!

Getting your past clients to refer you starts with making sure they remember you and giving them a convenient way to send friends and family your way. When you add the bonus of a referral reward, your client will benefit, too.

Follow these four steps, and let your real estate referrals do the rest.