Three Tips for Getting the Highest Quality Leads

1) Nurture your prospects and past clients 

Lead nurturing is the process of keeping in touch regularly with your leads and prospects over time, offering them relevant and timely information. It means building a relationship with them until they’re ready to use your services. But the more leads you have in your database, the more difficult it is to remember specific details about each of them. By keeping good notes in your CRM, you’ll be able to review the information you have about your lead and your conversations will flow with ease.

Similarly, when you communicate regularly with your past clients  you ensure that they remember your name and know exactly how to get in touch with you when the time comes to list or buy a home or pass a referral your way. 

2) Build your website 

When it comes to buying and selling homes, being the best real estate agent in your market isn’t enough. Having years of experience and being personable is a solid foundation; but another agent who is more visible on the internet might trump you in reaching more potential clients. 

Your website is an extension of your brand and it should be both engaging and easy to use, capturing leads within a CRM system for managing and passing leads to your team. An IXACT Contact agent website helps build your brand with relevant information about the home buying process, local search results, and automatic lead capture. 

3) Grow your social media presence 

Social Media has become an important part of the real estate business. If you don’t have active, relevant, and engaging social media accounts, you are losing on opportunities that could put you in front of new business. With IXACT Contact’s website builder, it’s simple to pull Facebook and Twitter feeds into your website. This will help you connect visitors to your social media accounts; it also helps boost your online presence.

Read this story for additional ways to set yourself up for success with integrating social media into your real estate brand marketing strategy.

Use a CRM

As your database of connections grows, giving individualized attention and personal advice to every prospect you know can seem impossible. This is where IXACT Contact comes in. IXACT Contact offers seamless database and email management. It will even send you important date reminders and help you stay on top of your task lists. These are just a few features IXACT Contact offers.

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