Five Great Daily Habits for Real Estate Agents

Setting daily habits can help you be more organized, have more free time, and see better business results. Here are five we recommend implementing today: 

Respond Quickly to Online Leads

More and more, online response time is a key determinant of successful lead contact, conversion, bookings, and closings. Whether you are using an AI chatbot or manually responding to online leads, having a response system in place –and tracking your metrics with an end goal of staying under ten minutes or less–will help you capture inbound leads before they move on to someone or somewhere else. 

Network In Person and Online

Real estate is a people business; make a daily habit of engaging with your client base where they work, live, and play. A big part of networking successfully is staying informed with what is happening in your local community and making time to get out and participate. This includes engaging with others on social media before and after the event. Be sure to tag businesses and share content to your channels, when appropriate. 

Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

It may sound like common sense, but planning your day the day before is an excellent way to manage your time and set yourself up for success (starting with that first sip of coffee!).  Schedule chunks of time for networking, responding to leads (have a system – see above), and engaging with folks online via social media. 

Put Your Clients Needs First

Modern-day real estate agents offer a value-added service to their clients and to make that experience one that drives referrals and five-star reviews, you need to put their needs first. Every day, find opportunities to provide information and resources both relevant and useful to the home buying and selling process. How can you alleviate stress and facilitate a more streamlined process for gathering information, organizing showings, and 

Invest In and Use Your CRM

Using your CRM system every day can help automate and streamline all of these habits, keep you organized with your time and measure the effectiveness of in-person and digital marketing activities. 

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