Top 3 Tips to Get More Value from Your Agent CRM

Tip for Getting More Value from Your Agent CRM.If you have a real estate CRM but aren’t using it to its fullest, this article is for you.  To make sure you’re getting maximum value from your Agent CRM, here are three tips that will help.

1. Call the Customer Support Team to help get you started

IXACT Contact comes with free and unlimited telephone support. If you haven’t done this already and you’re an IXACT Contact customer, you should call our friendly support folks at 1-866-265-6990 and they will help you upload your data into the system, set up your email header and signature, and configure your monthly e-Newsletter.

The Support Reps will walk you through what to do over the phone. As soon as you get off the line, you’ll be using your CRM to send out a professionally designed and written real estate newsletter and be in a great position to start using all the other features of the system.

2. Watch the resource videos

Some CRM firms offer great videos to help learn the system. IXACT Contact excels at this; we have a library of both tutorial videos (for those who’d like to learn/ go through things at a slower pace) and “Quick Tip” videos (for those who are a bit more tech savvy and would like to learn at a faster pace).

These videos show you how to assign a Listing and Closing Activity Plan, use Email Campaign Reporting, benefit from IXACT Contact’s Keep in Touch dashboard, send drip marketing campaigns, and more. The videos aren’t very long so you won’t have to invest a whole lot of time watching them. You’ll be using some new features (that maybe you never even knew about) in no time!

3. Decide each week to learn one new feature

Practice does make perfect when it comes to learning new software. IXACT Contact is one of the easier CRM systems out there (especially compared to Top Producer), so even if you can only dedicate 20-30 minutes per week to learn a new feature, that’s more than enough time. Watch the relevant tutorial video and put what you learned into practice. And if you get stuck, just call our Customer Support Team and they’ll be happy to guide you along.

If you signed up for a real estate contact management system, you are already well on your way to taking your business to the next level. Now all that needs to be done is to get the CRM’s powerful features working for you. Take the tips outlined in this article and start reaping the results of your CRM investment.

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