It’s Not Too Late to Get Back in Touch

Use a real estate crm to ensure you're keeping in touchToday’s blog post is by leading real estate sales trainer, Bruce Keith. Bruce is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Bruce Keith Results. Enjoy:

Do you have anyone in your Agent CRM (a past client or a lead) that you hesitate to contact because “It’s been so long that I’m embarrassed to follow-up with them.” Do you have anyone like that? Most Salespeople do and the unfortunate part is that because you think that “they might be mad” you just let them slip away and be forgotten.

Good news! Here’s an important truth for you to accept… they are not keeping track of how long it’s been since you last contacted them. Better read that one again. It isn’t like they’re sitting around the kitchen table complaining that you haven’t stayed in touch. They have their lives to live and are not really worrying about you. The reality is that the only person that knows you should have stayed in touch is… YOU.

Recently one of my coaching clients shared this story after she agreed to follow up with many people in her real estate CRM who were in the “it’s been a long time” pile. I had Kathleen start contacting everyone she knew in an effort to renew old relationships.

Early in the process, one of her past clients asked her, “How did you know?” Turned out they were getting ready to move and asked her to come over to talk about helping them out. She took the listing, sold it, and helped them buy another place! Kathleen earned $13,000 on those two transactions. As she shared with me later, here was the amazing part… “Bruce, I had not had one contact with those people for 12 years… 12 years!!! They weren’t mad at me, they were happy to hear from me.”

Here is your ACTION STEP… go through your real estate database right away and contact all those people that you have been avoiding. The vast majority will be glad to hear from you. You will be amazed at how great the reception is. Also, you don’t need to apologize for how long it’s been since you talked. Remember, they are not keeping track… here’s a line that will start things off in renewing the relationship…

Good morning Mr./Mrs. __________ ,  this is ______________  from the ABC Real Estate office… we haven’t spoken in a while and I was just following up to see how you and the family are doing.” Let them answer, then tell them how active the real estate market currently is and ask, “Do you have any questions about real estate that I can help you with?” By taking this approach you have reinforced that you are there to help.

Do what Kathleen did… get back on the horse and renew the relationship with all your past clients and centers of influence. They will be glad you did, they liked you before and by staying in touch they will continue to do so. Remember… they haven’t been keeping track and they’re not mad. It’s never too late! NO Excuses.

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