3 Reasons Why It’s Critical New Agents Start Using a Real Estate Contact Management System from Day One

Why a real estate contact management system is important to implement from day one.Are you new to real estate sales?

On the fence about getting a real estate contact management system?

As someone just entering real estate, a great contact management or CRM system should be one of the first things you’ll want to adopt into your business. In fact, it’s essential to starting your career off on the right foot. After all, real estate can be hard, especially when you’re new and building your book of business. Let’s take a look at why a real estate CRM is so critical to success.

Why a Contact Management System for Agents is Essential

Here are three reasons why an Agent contact management system will help you out, big time, when starting out.

1. You need one consolidated area to manage your contacts and transactions

We hear horror stories from agents who have important client and prospect contact data scattered in many different places, such as Outlook, Excel, their smartphone, a notebook, and their website. What a mess!

Disorganized contact information not only results in untold hours of wasted time, it also causes you to appear far less professional than you would like, resulting in lost opportunities for referrals and repeat business.  The longer you go without having one consolidated real estate database to manage all of your data, the worse it’ll become down the road.

With a real estate contact management system, your life becomes a whole lot easier because everything you’d possibly want to know or record about a client is stored in one place, such as contact details, birthdate, interests, and communication history.

The same goes with transactions. A Agent contact management system makes it easy for you to store and manage all of your transactions, documents, showings, and third parties in one place. This helps a lot from an organization standpoint.

2. You need a system for nurturing leads

To maximize your success in real estate, you need to properly manage and keep in touch with all of the leads you generate.  A contact management system will let you assign leads to a monthly e-Newsletter, or better yet, a customized drip marketing campaign. Drip marketing programs are created for you and pre-loaded into the system. There are campaigns for buyer leads, seller leads, FSBOs, and more.

Don’t let your real estate leads fall by the way side. Instead make sure you make the most of each lead you get and keep in touch with them long-term.  That way, even if they’re not ready to buy or sell right away, they’ll remember to contact you when they are ready. You’ll also want to make sure that all leads from your website are automatically captured in your CRM and assigned to a drip campaign, which can be easily set up with a good Agent contact management system.

3. You need to stay organized and in-control

One of the biggest things a real estate CRM is designed to help with is staying organized and keeping your business under control. It has powerful built-in organizational tools such as a fully integrated task list and calendar, smartphone sync directly to your smartphone’s built-in address book, task list, and calendar, listing and closing Activity Plans, a keep in touch dashboard with automatic prompts, and more.

You can learn more about all of these features on the IXACT Contact website. The one we’ll talk about here is listing and closing Activity Plans. These plans are especially useful for staying organized because once you’ve assigned a plan to a listing or closing, your CRM will automatically remind you at set times to do different tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that you’re providing the best service possible.

Some real estate CRM companies have special programs for new Agents. With IXACT Contact’s Rookie Agent Program™, agents who have been licensed within the past 12 months (one year) get their first six months of IXACT Contact free.

As a new agent who’d like to start their career off on the right track, a CRM will help you keep a consolidated database, nurture your leads, and stay organized and in control. It’s a crucial technology tool that should be in every Agents arsenal.

Do you use a CRM? How does it help you in your business?

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