Using Your Real Estate CRM to Snag New First-Time Buyers

Real estate agents can leverage their real estate CRM to snag first time buyersA new infographic by the National Association of Agents (NAR), below, brings some very insightful information to our attention.

As you’ll see, 39% of buyers and 34% of sellers are first-timers. In addition, 40% of buyers and 38% of sellers found their real estate agent through a friend, neighbor, or relative.

What are the implications of these findings for the average Agent? How can an agent leverage their real estate CRM to capitalize on this?

Leveraging Your Real Estate CRM

To begin with, it may be a good idea to think about specializing in first-time buyers and sellers. There are a tremendous amount of first-timers in the market right now and it’s likely that an agent who specializes in servicing first-timers would be highly attractive to them.

A good real estate CRM makes it easy to plan and schedule events that you can put on for first-timers, such as a first-time buyer seminar. So make sure you’re using your real estate CRM to plan these key events and send out invitations.

A real estate CRM is also instrumental to getting more referrals. The reason is, the software makes it a snap for you to keep in touch with your real estate database, stay top of mind, and continue to provide value. And these things are essential to getting people to refer you to others.

You can send out a monthly real estate newsletter, send out letters and direct mail pieces, put your sphere of influence (SOI) on automated email marketing campaigns, and much, much more.

NAR’s Infographic

Real estate agents can leverage their real estate CRM to snag first time buyers

Do you think it would be a good idea to specialize in first-time buyers/ sellers? Leave a comment below!