Where Do Real Estate Buyers Find Their Agent?

real estate salesWhen you’re deciding how to allocate your marketing budget, spend some time considering where real estate buyers are searching for an Agent.  Ideally, you want to “fish where the fish are.”  Make sure you have a presence in the right places and you’ll find more, better quality leads who are ready to move!

In this year’s NAR Home Buyer and Seller report, we learned exactly how real estate buyers are finding their agents.  Do these numbers line up with how you gain real estate customers?

49% of buyers selected an agent who was referred to them.

By far the largest percentage of real estate buyers find their agent thanks to a referral. Referral business is terrific for real estate agents, as these leads are often highly motivated and ready to buy. Are you making an effort to remind your Sphere of Influence how much you value their referrals? Remember to ask for referrals when you get the opportunity. And perhaps most importantly, stay in touch regularly with your past clients. They won’t refer you if they can’t recall your name! Sending a Monthly e-Newsletter, wishing them a happy birthday, or just calling every few months to say hello are all great ways to ensure your past clients remember you and increase the likelihood that they’ll refer you to someone they know.

12% of buyers chose an agent they worked with previously.

Repeat business is high praise. It means that your client enjoyed working with you so much that they’re willing to do so again. It’s nice to work with a client who you already have a relationship with. So how to you make sure your past clients reach out to you next time they are looking to move? Again, keeping in touch is key. Recognize their home-purchase anniversary with a gift, send them your holiday greetings. Remain top of mind with your past clients so that they become repeat clients!

10% of buyers found an agent on the Internet.

These days, many of us turn to the Internet immediately when we need to research a topic. If someone looks for you online, will they find you easily? With 10% of buyer leads being generated by your website, you want to make sure your site is professional, informative, well-designed, and able to capture leads.  If you don’t have an Agent Website, or you have one that is in need of a redesign, check out IXACT Contact.  TheAgent websites are easy to set up, beautifully designed, and capture leads by immediately adding them to your real estate CRM.

5% of buyers chose an agent they met at an open house.

Open houses are wonderful opportunities to meet leads and increase your network. Don’t miss the opportunity to gather contact details for the guests who visit your open house. If they aren’t ready to make a move today, start nurturing them with a longer nurture plan for prospective buyers. By connecting with these prospects now you’re preparing strong leads for yourself down the road!

24% of buyers found their agent through other marketing.

Sometimes it’s just luck and a prospect walks into an office and winds up being a new client. Or perhaps they saw your sign on a lawn when they drove by. A good portion of your real estate buyer leads are generated through miscellaneous connections. Keep this in mind throughout your week, you never know where your next client will come from!

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