What do Real Estate Clients actually want?

Buying or selling a home is a major emotional event. Clients put their faith on the line with a real estate agent to deliver and exceed their expectations – while remaining a rock throughout this roller coaster ride. While every client and situation is different, there are many similarities that stand out to help you navigate for a positive end-to-end experience.

Here are 5 things that real estate clients want from you:

1. They want to feel important

Asking great questions, showing enthusiasm, and paying close attention to their answers will help you to really hone in on how to best serve your client’s needs. They want to feel like you’re excited for their dreams and are the only client you’re working on. 

Real estate coach, Bruce Keith outlines four important questions to ask:

  • “What’s the next step for you?”
  • “Sounds great… Could you tell me more about that?”
  • “How important would that be to you?”
  • “Can I tell you how we could make that happen for you?”Happy young couple buying real estate

People can tell when they’re speaking to a preoccupied mind. When there’s a lot riding on the line in terms of their money and their future – they want you to be 100% there. 

2. They want honesty

Nobody can really predict or control how fast your house will sell, and clients don’t want you to promise them an amount above the asking price. Nor do they want an over inflated proposal on their property. They want honesty about the type of neighbourhood they’re looking at, if there’s a flight path overhead, and what type of development is slated for the area. By establishing open and honest discourse with your client, it will go a long way in developing a trusted long-term relationship.

3.They want you to be excited

Thrills can come in many different forms. What it really boils down to is if you are creating a positive and invigorating end-to-end experience for your client. Remember, whichever side of the real estate coin they’re on; this is a major life event that is taking place. And while it might seem like everyday work to an agent – they want you to be excited for them and to share in their passion. They will feed off of your enthusiasm and feel comfortable that you are bought into their goals and can help facilitate their dreams.

Here are four questions to ask yourself.

  • Are you pleasant to work with?
  • Do you offer an exciting vision?
  • Does the buying decision provide inspiration?
  • Do your customers feel inspired when they work with you?

4. They want results

“What makes selling real estate really interesting is that sometimes the customer doesn’t know specifically what they want. It is your job to help them see this.” – Bruce Keith

It’s important to understand exactly what your clients’ end game is. There’s no way to deliver or set both parties up for success if there are clear discrepancies. In order to effectively deliver on a clients’ expectations, there needs to be a lot of work set up in the background to help you out. Rely on your real estate CRM to outline all of your tasks for the day, complete with email reminders of appointments and your outlook for the week. With IXACT Contact’s CRM Mobile App, you can manage your listing and closing activity plans anywhere on any device – so you’re always in control.

5. They want you to keep in touch

Some past clients will not feel comfortable calling you when they have a question or need help – but you can make it a lot easier on them by establishing regular communications. The beauty is that you don’t have to spend hours trying to set up a program to keep in touch, having an e-Newsletter that is complete and ready to send with your branding is literally a few clicks and it’s set. You can send your own mass emails or even personalize it to cater to a select few of people. This way you can always stay top of mind providing helpful resources, real estate trends and what’s going on with your brokerage.

Remember, when clients reach out to you, it shows a strong indication of loyalty.

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