Why Every Agent Needs to Pay Special Attention to Google Plus

Real estate sales professionals need to be using Google Plus if they want to boost their real estate marketing resultsGoogle Plus has been all the rage lately. It’s the new, popular kid on the block. Whether you’re deeply involved in social media, or a social media novice, you need to pay special attention to Google Plus. It’ll help you grow your real estate leads and it’ll supercharge your real estate marketing results. Here’s why YOUR business will benefit from creating a Google Plus page:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) benefit. When you have a Google Plus page, people are more likely to find you in search engines. The more places you are on the web, the more likely you’ll come up in search results.
  • Once people follow you on Google Plus, your page will come up first in their search results when they search for a topic relevant to your business.
  • When you post on Facebook, only a small group of people usually see your posts on their News Feed, unless that post is particularly popular (you get a lot of interaction). When you post on Google Plus, you don’t need tons of interaction for the post to be visible to a lot of people.

So, what are you waiting for?

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