The Key to Being a Confident, Successful Agent

confidence is key in real estate salesIt’s no secret that confidence can have a dramatic impact on your performance in your real estate sales career. When you’re feeling self assured, you follow-up on real estate referrals and real estate leads more effectively, make better presentations, get more things done, and close more deals.

However, we don’t always feel the same level of confidence at every moment of every day. Like a barometer, it goes up and down.

For example, what is your level of confidence right now, on a scale of one to ten?

Is it a five? A nine?

It can be inconvenient – to say the least – when your confidence barometer reading is low just before an important meeting, client event, or open house.

But there is good news. There are many things you can do to increase your level of confidence. Like a thermostat, you can turn up the dial, and give it a much needed boost.


The trick is to pay attention.

The next time you’re feeling particularly confident, take a moment to write down why you’re feeling that way. The longer the list the better.

For example, you may be feeling particularly confident; you just closed a deal, added qualified names to your real estate CRM, worked on a real estate marketing campaign, or managed to get everything on your to-do list done by noon.

Therefore, you can assume that reminding yourself of your successes, staying committed to your keep in touch activities with important clients, playing your favorite tunes, and getting things done, are all confident boosters for you.

So, the next time your confidence is in a slump, you’ll know what to do!

Of course, you can’t be a ten all the time. That’s unrealistic. But you can often go from a four to a six on the confidence scale fairly quickly – and that can make all the difference to your day.

Takeaway point: Pay attention to what makes you feel confident. Then, use this information to give yourself a boost when you need it.

What role do you think confidence plays in success or failure?

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