Why You Need a Real Estate CRM for Your Business

Check out this great video blog from real estate coach Tom Ferry.Here are some key points Tom highlights in the video:

  • One of the biggest client complaints is lack of communication and follow-up from their Agent. If you want to provide an exceptional service experience to your clients, a real estate CRM is essential because of the built-in tools that make it easy to remember to follow up with the right people at the right time.
  • Context matters: you need to be sending the right message to the right group (“buckets” as Tom calls them) at the right time. Use a CRM for Agents to categorize your contacts based on interests, where they heard about you, how you’re connected, and more).
  • Eight out of 10 agents fail after five years. One key reason can be that these agents didn’t have the systems or tools in place to help them build and nurture relationships over time. Keeping in touch with your database and continuing to provide value is how you build a referrals-based business.
  • Over 80 percent of clients love their agent but only 12% refer or use them again. Why? Clients are forgetting about you. You need to stay in touch. Make use of your CRM’s drip marketing campaigns and professionally written and designed monthly e-Newsletter.
  • The value of your business lies in your database. It’s the only tangible asset Agents have. A well nurtured database can be worth a lot of money upon retiring.
  • Ultimately, whichever CRM you pick, make sure you use it!

Do you use a CRM? Thinking about signing up for one? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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