10 Tips for Great Customer Service

A real estate contact management system is a great tool to provide stellar customer serviceToday’s post is written by Carrie Gable, President and CEO of RealSupport Inc., a leading real estate virtual assistance company.

As Carrie and her team will tell you, responding to real estate leads fast and keeping clients in the know is a whole lot easier with a good real estate contact management system, like IXACT Contact.

Enjoy the article:

In our online culture today with trying to keep up with our social media, marketing, blogging and a myriad of other tasks, it can be easy to forget the key to our success: our clients.

As real estate agents, you’re constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions, most of which are important, and finding the time to devote to each specific client can be tough.  Yet, great customer service is one of the tried and true keys of a successful business and should remain on the forefront of our minds.

So, what makes for great customer service?  Here are ten tips that can serve as a quick refresher course to get us all back on track.

1. Respond ASAP- This may seem basic, but responding as soon as possible lets the client know you’re on top of it and that you respect them enough to not put them off.  Even if you’re not able to take care of the issue at hand immediately, acknowledging them shows you’re considerate of their needs.

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