What You Wear Matters More Than You Might Think When It Comes to Getting Real Estate Leads

Agent - Real Estate Lead Gen ExpertYou need some landscaping done, so you start looking for the right professional for the job.

You meet two potential contractors.

The first greets you wearing jeans and a dirty t-shirt. The brochures he shows you are dog eared. His truck is old and caked in dirt. Although he may be a skilled contractor, he doesn’t look like he cares about details or is a particularly successful businessperson.

The second contractor, by contrast, looks like the picture of success. He’s well groomed and friendly. His truck is tidy and has a professional-looking sign on the door. The brochures, samples and other materials he shows you look impressive.

Which contractor would you hire?

The answer is obvious.

All things being equal, people will hire the real estate sales professional (or any other business person) that appears to be successful in his or her field.

Take a critical look at every aspect of your communications with real estate leads and clients. Do you consistently convey the message that you’re a successful professional?

  • Review your personal communications. Are you consistently helpful and friendly? Do clients get the sense that you’re an expert they can count on to provide the answers they need? Do you manage your time effectively and keep clients in the loop with the help of a good real estate contact management software?
  • Review your presentation kit, real estate marketing materials, website, and even your voice mail recording.
  • Review the way you dress, your personal grooming and, especially, your car (is your vehicle clean and tidy?).

The interesting thing about success is that the more you embrace it — and, frankly, show it off — the more it comes your way.

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Takeaway point: When real estate leads and clients believe you’re successful, they trust that you can do a great job for them.

Do you agree?