3 Practical Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get More Testimonials

Real Estate Marketing: 3 Ways to Get More TestimonialsCheck out the websites of competing real estate agents in your area. Chances are, there are a few that are impressive and stand out, as a result of a long list of client testimonials.

How did these agents get these “raving fans” saying such nice things about their services?

Many agents think that testimonials just happen. You do a good job for a client and – fingers crossed – they write you a nice “Thank You” letter.

Over time, this passive approach will generate a few testimonials. It’s not a great real estate marketing plan.

However, if you want more testimonials, sooner, then you have to be more proactive. Here’s how you can do just that.

Real Estate Marketing: 3 Ways to Get More Testimonials

1. Plant a seed.

Show clients your testimonials and let them know that you are open to receiving them.

You: “I’m really proud of the testimonials clients have sent me over the years. Here is my most recent list…”

Tip: you may want to add a few testimonials to your email signature. IXACT Contact’s CRM for Agents makes it easy to create a beautiful custom email header and signature.

2. Watch your e-mail.

Often, during e-mail exchanges, a client will say nice things about the work you’re doing for them. This is an ideal opportunity to turn a casual remark into a testimonial.

Client: “The homes you showed us last Saturday were right on target. You really understand what we’re looking for!

You: “Thank you for saying such nice things about my services. Would it be okay to use what you said as a client testimonial?”

3. Ask for feedback.

When the transaction is complete, ask for candid feedback on your services. Often, the client will say something positive that you can ask permission to use as a testimonial.

Never be pushy or make your client feel awkward when asking for a testimonial. And remember, ultimately the best way to get a client to say great things about you is to do a great job for them.

Tip: make sure to record all client feedback in the client’s contact record of your CRM for Agents so you can refer back to it at any time.

Takeaway point: Be proactive and you’ll get more testimonials!

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Have you collected a lot of client testimonials over the years? Please leave a comment below!