Why Honest Agents Finish First

Agents skilled in real estate contact management understand the importance of complete honestyYou’re an honest real estate sales professional. Of course you are.

But have you ever:

  • Failed to draw your client’s attention to an undesirable characteristic of a potential new home?
  • Exaggerated (just a little) on the selling price you claim you can get for a property?
  • Persuaded a client to make a quick decision about a home just so you could get the transaction closed before month’s end?
  • Pointed out the advantages of a neighborhood, but not the disadvantages?
  • Invented an excuse as to why you didn’t return a phone call promptly?

In the fast-paced competitive world of real estate, it’s tempting to tell a few “white lies.” As long as the client is reasonably well served, who does it hurt?

Ultimately, you.

People have an extraordinary ability to sense when someone is biased, withholding information, being deceptive, or flat-out lying.

Successful Agents skilled in effective real estate contact management know that even a “little white lie” – as harmless at it may seem at the time – can seriously damage your reputation. Perhaps permanently.

What are the consequences?

That answer is obvious. Would YOU do business again with someone you didn’t entirely trust? Would you refer that person to a friend or colleague? Probably not.

And if fewer referrals and less repeat business isn’t consequence enough, others in the industry — lenders, contractors, inspectors, and even other Agents – may be reluctant to work with you as well.

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TIP: Make use of the built-in Business Directory in IXACT Contact to store and manage all of your business-to-business contacts.

When clients ask for a recommendation on a reputable home professional, you can filter your Business Directory and quickly provide the name, email address, and phone number of someone you recommend. And when you refer other professionals, they’ll refer business back to you! More info on this here.


As Tom Stoyan, one of North America’s most popular sales coaches, says, “The number one thing we sell is always the same. The number one thing we sell is trust.”

Takeaway point: Protect your reputation — your most valuable business asset — by always being honest.