3 Surefire Ways to Ensure Your Real Estate Marketing Emails Get Through

You need to ensure your real estate marketing emails get throughEmail marketing (including all drip marketing campaigns you send through your real estate contact management system) is an important part of your real estate marketing strategy, but you’re worried that fewer and fewer of your emails seem to be reaching your clients.

Is this you? As spam and junk mail filters get ever stronger, email deliverability is becoming a big issue for an increasing number of real estate sales professionals.

So what’s the solution to this real estate marketing conundrum? Here are three things you can do that will help:

1.  Ask your client or prospect to “whitelist” you.

This will make sure that your emails don’t get routed to the junk folder after they’re sent out through your real estate CRM. Most email service providers make it very simple for your client to add your email address to their “Safe Sender’s List.” For Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and other popular email service providers, this can be done in one or two clicks.

2.  Avoid attaching files – especially large ones – to your emails the traditional way.

These days, sending a mass email with a large file attached is literally like waving a red cape in front of a bull from a spam filter perspective. Instead, send your emails with a hyperlink to a copy of your attachment residing on a server. This is easy to do in your IXACT Contact real estate contact management software. Hyperlinks don’t raise red flags the way attachments do, and your clients still get access to your beautiful 10MB PDF with high resolution property photos. In fact, with the hyperlink approach, your attachment can be any size you like – you don’t have to worry about it being “too big” to send via email.

3.  Use a dedicated email service provider (ESP) to send your marketing emails.

Professional ESP that sends only legitimate email will give you far higher deliverability than you can achieve any other way. IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management software, for example, utilizes a dedicated ESP that will maximize the email deliverability rate of all emails sent through the system. Email is a powerful marketing communication tool. Follow these three steps to ensure your clients continue to receive your real estate marketing emails.

We want to know: Are you following the three best practices discussed in this blog post?