3 Tips to Increase your Business Productivity as a Real Estate Agent

Ever felt like you ran around doing things all day, only to get to the end of the day and not feel certain of what you actually accomplished? We’ve all been there, and as a real estate agent your focus is pulled in so many directions at once that it can be difficult to feel you are making any real progress. And at this time, with things being so up and down, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed. Below is a list of tips that could help you with your business productivity. In times like this, it’s not hard to lose focus. Here are 3 simple tips to improving your business productivity:

1. Set and Track Goals

This is the number one way to improve your business productivity. When you have concrete goals to work toward, it is much easier to stay focused. And when you are tracking your progress toward those goals, you stay on course to ensure you reach them. IXACT Contact makes this process easy by building in a Goal Setting and Tracking wizard right into your CRM. You simply take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire with your goals for the year, such as income, listings, and new contacts added. Then, you can track your progress towards those goals using the handy widgets in your dashboard. They’ll tell you how many calls, presentations, pop-bys, etc., you should be making every week and if you are on track, behind, or ahead of your annual goal.


2. Make Time for Prospecting Activities

As you handle all the details of your active listings and seek to find the perfect homes for your buyers, prospecting can quickly fall by the wayside. But if you want to keep your business productivity up, you need to be spending time prospecting. Set a scheduled block of time at least every week and treat it as you would any other appointment. If you use a CRM like IXACT Contact, you can enter the prospecting activities you completed into each contact profile. This will tie in to your goal tracking (see above!) and also help you to remember what interactions you have had with any given contact in your database.


3. Automate as Much as You Can

Automation is a busy agent’s best friend. The more you can automate, the better your business productivity without you having to worry about it. At IXACT Contact, we provide a huge variety of ways to automate your business activities. From automated Birthday and Move-In Anniversary reminders and e-Cards, to an automated monthly e-Newsletter (that we write and design for you!) to automated social media posting via Social Stream, IXACT Contact becomes the virtual assistant you’ve been longing for. You’ll be accomplishing more, with almost no extra effort.

Stop feeling like your business productivity isn’t where it should be, and start feeling the freedom of knowing you are running a healthy and prosperous business! Implement these three tips and you will see the difference in your business and in your energy – making you better able to succeed overall. IXACT Contact helps you accomplish all of these with ease. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.