5 Habits that Make you a Less Productive Agent

7 Min Read   Productivity is a popular subject these days and rightfully so!  We fight more distractions in our work day than any cohort of working adults before us. Are you maximizing your productivity as a real estate agent? Or, rather, is it a constant battle for you to work smart and complete your tasks […]

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How Do You Increase Business Productivity in Real Estate?

Time management can be a challenge for any professional, and even more so if you’re an Agent who is responsible for managing your own tasks, due dates, appointments, and relationships.  Increasing business productivity as a real estate agent will help you accomplish more during working hours, which can help you relax and enjoy your free […]

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The Ultimate Agent Checklist to Getting More Done

real estate checklist

Does this sound like your typical day as a real estate agent who is short on time? The average working person gets one interruption every eight minutes, or 50-60 per day. If each interruption takes five minutes, that totals about four hours or 50% of the average workday (Dr. Donald E. Wetmore).  No wonder it’s […]

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