4 Key Things Real Estate Leads Look For on Your Website

Real estate leads look for a website lead capture form on your websiteThe reason your real estate leads search the Internet is to find information, answers, and advice.

Will they find what they are looking for on YOUR website? That’s an important question because, if they don’t, they may click away and wind up using someone else’s services. Even if they were referred to you!

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your website has all the information a real estate prospect may be seeking. Ideally, a lead will go to your site and think, “Yes, I’m definitely at the right place.”

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So what kind of information should your website contain?

What Real Estate Leads Look For On Your Website

1. A “contact me” form. Oftentimes, it’s easier for your website visitors to contact you right there and then while they’re on your website versus sending you an email or picking up the phone and giving you a call. If you want to encourage people to contact you, make sure you have a contact form and that it’s very visible.

A good real estate contact management software, like IXACT Contact, will let you quickly and easily insert a lead capture form on your website. When a real estate lead fills out the form, their contact details get automatically transferred into your real estate database. You’ll be notified right away and can give the prospect a call and/ or set them up on a drip marketing campaign.

2. Your contact information – such as phone numbers and email address. Ideally, this information should be at the top of every page. Make it easy for clients to reach you!

3. Your credentials – including an overview of your track record. If you typically sell faster and at a higher price than the market averages, highlight this fact.

4. Your approach. What should a client expect when using your services? How do you make sure homes you list sell quickly and at the best price? How do you make sure all your clients find their dream homes at the right price?  

Next Steps

What’s the process? What should a potential client do in order to start working with you?

Your website should also contain valuable resources, such as tips and articles, links to local government sponsored community sites, a list of other industry professionals you recommend, a portfolio of your current listings, and mortgage and affordability calculators.

Load your website with lots of valuable information. Make it “bookmark worthy” as the internet marketers say.

And don’t forget to mention that you build your business on referrals from satisfied clients! This will often be the clincher that will move a buyer or seller from website visitor to your hot prospect.

Do you have all of the above on your website? Feel free to share your website URL in the comments section.