4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Stand Out From the Competition

Real estate email marketingAs the real estate market rebounds, so does the number of new agents! A recent article by the Associated Press reports that the number of real estate applications has doubled in states like Florida and California, where rising home prices are grabbing headlines. Newcomers to the industry are lured by the impression of a big payday with a relatively low barrier to entry.

Real estate sales has always been a highly-competitive industry. With tens of thousands of new agents expected to enter the field in the upcoming months, it’s more critical than ever to distinguish your name and your brand from the masses.

Here Are 4 Ways to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent:

1. Go local. While you may be open to doing business anywhere in your city, focus on specific neighborhoods you know well. This narrows the field of competition, while showcasing your expertise in those markets.

2. Promote your experience. If you are an established agent, your longevity in the marketplace during varied economic conditions is an advantage. If you are new to the real estate industry, leverage your other career experience in management, sales, financial services, or customer care.

3. Serve a niche. Focus on your ideal clients. Think about your own skills, interests, and social sphere. You might be most compatible with first-time home buyers, or vacation home buyers, or property investors. You might be best suited for luxury home sellers. Work within your natural strengths.

4. Market yourself consistently. The more agents in the field, the easier it is for prospects and past clients to “lose” you! Consistent marketing strengthens your brand and ensures that you remain at top-of-mind.

Using the right tools and strategies gives you the best chance of a profitable career. A real estate contact management system is one of the best ways to ensure that your prospects and clients never forget you – no matter the competition.

If you are a “rookie” in the real estate business, you can catch a break with IXACT Contact. The company provides comprehensive real estate contact management software and offers six months of free service for those in their first year of their career as part of their Rookie Agent Program™. Distinguish yourself from the competition today!

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