6 Reasons Why a Client Will Recommend You as a Great Real Estate Agent

A real estate contact management system is instrumental in getting clients to recommend youAccording to the The Referral & Repeat Marketing Book, there are six reasons why a client will recommend you to a friend or colleague. In order to attract more referrals,you must understand these reasons and then take the appropriate action steps to deliver on them.

Remember, at the end of the day, your real estate contact management system is key to generating a steady stream of referrals. If you keep in touch with past clients, provide value to them over time, and build on your  relationships with them, they’ll be more likely to refer you to others.

Your real estate contact management system gives you all the tools you need to keep in touch and build relationships (think a monthly e-Newsletter, drip campaigns, prompts to make phone calls, etc).

Six reasons why a client will recommend your real estate services:

Reason #1: They are satisfied with the services you provided during the transaction.

Action step: Do a great job. Then ask for honest feedback to demonstrate that you are committed to continuously improving client service.

Reason #2: They remember your name and have easy access to your contact information.

Action step: Make sure your clients and prospects have your contact information. Suggest they “bookmark” your website and add your phone number to their address book.

Reason #3: They feel that the relationship with you is on-going.

Action step: Keep your real estate contact management database up-to-date so you don’t lose touch. Be diligent about your marketing and “keep in touch” efforts, such as your direct mail pieces, client appreciation events, phone calls, etc.

Reason #4: They look to you as an advisor.

Action step: Invite clients to call you whenever they have questions about the local real estate market or are looking for a contractor and need a recommendation. Use your real estate contact management system’s built-in Business Directory to search for and recommend a reputable professional.

Reason #5: They understand and appreciate that you build your business through referrals.

Action step: Simply tell them. Explain that you build your business through referrals. That’s why providing the kind of excellent service your clients would feel comfortable recommending is very important to you.

Reason #6: They are asked, by you, for a referral.

Action step: At the appropriate time, ask your client for a referral.

Takeaway point: Understand what motivates a client to refer you. Then take the appropriate actions to make that happen more often.

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