Easy Ways to Find More Leads Today and Build Your Database

UntitledToday, I am excited to share a blog originally posted on Inman by Kelly Phelan! Phelan outlines some strategies to help you generate more real estate leads and keep your database growing at a healthy pace.

Phelan writes…

So you have a database–but do you have enough contacts to meet your conversion goals? If your prospect pool is looking a little shallow, don’t fret. We’ve got best practices for filling your database right to the brim.

You Have More Contacts Than You Think

Fortunately, you can start filling your database with new contacts right now, no aggressive prospecting required. The trick is in knowing where to look for those contacts. While you may have your CRM set up to automatically add new, incoming leads from your website or search portals like agent, tons of existing contacts are probably hiding in the tools you already use.

Here are three common hiding spots, and actions you can take to add those existing contacts to your database:

  • Import or sync your email and phone contacts – You may not know it, but there are probably dozens of contacts in your smartphone and email program that haven’t been added to your database. Many CRMs allow you to easily import these contacts. To ensure that no future contacts fall through the cracks, set up your CRM to sync with your phone and mail program. Contact your solution’s customer support or help resources if you’re not sure how to do this.
  • Export contacts from social media – Did you know that some social networks let you export your contacts? It’s true and, fortunately, simple. You can export your LinkedIn contacts here. For Facebook, go to Settings > Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • Import .CSV from other programs – There may be other programs where contacts are hiding, so take a moment to identify what those may be–maybe an email marketing tool, or even your eSignature solution. Many of these programs will allow you to export data as a .CSV file, which is essentially a text-based spreadsheet file. Once you have the .CSV file, nearly every CRM will allow you to upload it to their system to import contact data.

Building Your Database in the Field

Now that you’ve added contacts from all your disparate tools, it’s time to go out into the real world to continue building your database. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Door knocking – The idea of door knocking doesn’t have to tie your stomach up in knots. As long as you go into it with a purpose, the homeowners you meet are likely to be receptive to speaking with you. Try knocking the neighbors around a new listing, an open house, or a recent sale.
  • Offer a free online home valuation – One of the best ways to find seller leads is to appeal to homeowners’ natural curiosity regarding how much their home is worth. To do this, set up a landing page that lets consumers get a free, instant valuation in exchange for their contact information. Some solutions that you already use may have landing page capabilities built-in already, like IXACT Contact’s Agent Websites under the “Selling” tab. Once your landing page is ready, you can further its reach by advertising via Facebook or Google AdWords.
  • Open house sign-in app/sheet – Open houses represent an excellent opportunity to add potential buyers to your database. Be sure to have a sign-in sheet for prospects to add their name and contact information to. Better yet, let attendees sign-in on your tablet via an open house app like Bright Open, which will sync everyone who signs in right to your database!

Keeping Your Database Warm

Now that you have a robust network of contacts, it’s critical to keep in touch consistently. There are multiple strategies you can use here. Some agents send out a monthly newsletter full of helpful information like upcoming local events or home maintenance tips. Others prefer the one-on-one touch, and call or email a handful of different contacts every day to stay top-of-mind.  For more great ways to keep in touch, check out 8 Amazing Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Past Real Estate Clients.  As long as staying in contact with your database remains a priority, you will have no trouble finding and capturing those leads down the road.

IXACT Contact CRM provides some great tools for keeping in touch with your database, including professionally written and designed monthly e-newsletters, real estate email marketing campaigns, and email templates for segmenting your database! Communicating with your database is a breeze with IXACT Contact. Our “set it and forget it” capabilities will make sure no leads fall through the cracks! Try it today! Sign up for our 5-week free trial!