Generating Leads and Boosting Business

Who doesn’t love leads? Leads are a crucial part of your business and help you grow as an agent. You can get leads from all sorts of places and ways, but the important part is taking them from a lead to a lifelong client. 

According to a National Harris Survey, more than 80% of people ask for recommendations from friends when making big purchasing decisions. Once you have established a strong past client resume, you will have a great opportunity to build some lead generation around referrals.

To make that goal a reality, all of your marketing pieces should contain some sort of lead generation from lead capture forms to texting a number for lead capture. Lead generation can be found on your digital and tangible marketing materials like direct mailing with postcards. The more you shift your marketing to generate leads, the better. 

Some options to help you get started are:

  • Add a lead capture form to your website
  • Create a direct mailing campaign in a local neighborhood for potential buyers/sellers
  • Reach out to old leads that you may have lost touch with
  • Hold an Open House for another agent
  • Host local events in your area
  • Remind your satisfied clients that you welcome and appreciate referrals. This may come at a later time as you build up your client database
  • Reach out to your partners like your Loan Officer or Title Rep and find ways to pass leads to each other.

In your first year, you will likely try these many other different ways to generate leads. Tracking your success will help you save time and money on your marketing efforts and allow you to focus on the leads that are producing the best return on your investment. 

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