Consistency is KEY in Real Estate Marketing

A common mistake that real estate agents make is “throwing spaghetti at the wall”. That is trying many things once or twice and “seeing what sticks”.

Unfortunately, this approach is not only time-consuming, expensive and largely ineffective, it is downright discouraging! Knocking on a few doors, paying for a few billboards and a seat-of-your-pants social media campaign is not likely enough to get the phone ringing. And why is that? Because consistency in your strategy is key.

The best way to create a solid, lead generating business is to create a real estate marketing program, or system, if you will.

Consider this analogy: Who is more likely to get and stay fit? The person who goes to the gym once in a while and tries the odd exercise or machine? Or, the person with a solid training routine who goes to the gym three days a week, every week?

The same is true of your marketing. When you have good marketing systems — that generate referrals and leads — and you keep those systems running consistently, you create certainty in your marketing.

If, for example, you have a real estate marketing program in place, one that establishes contact with your prospects and clients monthly, using a combination of real estate direct mail, email marketing, and social media, you’re much more likely to get leads and referrals, predictably and consistently. Even in downturns.

So, don’t be the agent that merely tries marketing techniques sporadically and hopes for the best. Get proven marketing programs in place that truly build your business, with more certainty.

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