Get More Organized: The Ultimate List of Resources for Agents

Resources for Agents and organization tips.Today, we’ll share with you our ultimate list of resources for agents who want to get more organized in their real estate sales business. Of course, when you’re organized, proactive, and in-control, you’ll be more effective in converting your real estate leads into listings and building stronger relationships with your sphere of influence (SOI). As you’ll read in many of the articles and resources below, a real estate contact management software can be a godsend when it comes to helping you better manage and organize your business (and reduce your stress!).

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#1: 5 Ways Agents Can Become More Organized and In Control

If you’re currently using a real estate contact management software, this article shows you five things you can do within the system to ramp-up your level of organization. If you’ve just signed up for a real estate contact management software and aren’t sure how to make the most of it, this is a must-read!

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#2: The Ultimate Checklist to Getting More Organized

Go through this great checklist and make sure you’re completely covered off. Doing everything in this checklist alone will help leaps and bounds in getting more organized!

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#3: The Paperless Real Estate Office

We’ve chosen to include this article in our ultimate list of resources as running a “paperless office” is a key step to getting more organized. Learn what other Agents have done to streamline their business and which technologies have helped.

#4: 3 Ways Agents Can Stay Organized

This is a great article on staying organized that appeared in the real estate publication AGBeat. We particularly like how this article discusses tracking communication history and “keep in touch” activities with real estate leads and clients.

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#5: 10 Ways to Fight Being Overwhelmed in Real Estate

Let’s face it: the life of an Agent can be very overwhelming at times – especially if you’re not organized. In this article, professional and personal business coach, Sandy Newman, shares great tips that will be sure to help.

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