[INFOGRAPHIC] Experts Share the Worst Real Estate Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Everyone makes mistakes. No one can be perfect all the time. You probably already know that if you’re really trying, you’re bound to mess up. And at some point, failure is inevitable. Does that mean you shouldn’t try to avoid making a mistake? No. And with advice from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable real […]

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7 Tips for Agents to Becoming Unstoppable

I’m excited to share this terrific real estate infographic with you.  It was created by Brian Buffini, who consistently produces insightful content for Agents.  Check it out:   So you’ve read the tips for Agents on how to be unstoppable, but maybe you’re wondering what tools you can use to turn these into action steps. […]

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Why Outlook Shouldn’t Be Your Real Estate CRM

Walk into an office and there’s a good chance the employees are using Microsoft Outlook as their primary work email provider. And for good reason! It’s a wonderful email service; we even use it as an email provider at IXACT Contact.  However, Microsoft Outlook is not functional as a real estate CRM. Maybe you’re considering […]

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Real Estate Blog Post Roundup: Best of 2015

real estate blog

2015 is well underway and the beginning of the year is often when Agents strive to get organized and prepare for the upcoming spring season.  Maybe you’ve been so busy researching the best real estate CRM for your business and organizing your office that you’ve missed out on some of the best blog posts of the […]

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Best Real Estate Email Flyer Template

real estate email marketing

Suppose you just landed a great new listing that you think some of your contacts would love. Go beyond just sending a generic email with a link to the MLS property listing. With IXACT Contact,  it’s simple and easy to use our just listed e-flyer template to show off any new property that has come […]

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Top 7 Real Estate Books You Should Read

real estate books

The real estate industry is constantly evolving. However, there are a number of basic principles, tips and tricks that remain true regardless of current trends or conditions. Whether you’re looking to brush up on some basic skills, or need advice on how to better organize your real estate business or your sales techniques, there are […]

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