Give Your Real Estate Contact Management Database a Check-Up

Real Estate Contact Management Database check-upYou take your car in for regular maintenance so that it continues to run smoothly. You take yourself in for regular check-ups to make sure you remain healthy and energetic. So, why don’t you take your business in for a check-up to make sure it’s running efficiently and profitably?

Conducting regular check-ups is an important part of running a successful business, especially if you’re an Agent.

Here’s something else you should check-up regularly: your real estate contact management database.

Your Real Estate Contact Management Database also Needs a Check-Up

A healthy, up-to-date database is a must. In fact, according to The Referral & Repeat Marketing Book, “The number one reason that most agents are not successful with Referral & Repeat Marketing is that they fail to adequately maintain their databases.”

“Play Doctor” and Give Your Real Estate Contact Management Database a Thorough Check-up:

  • Check that all your client contact information is correct.
  • Check that all your client personal information is correct. Has there been a marriage? A divorce? A birth? A new career?
  • Check if you’ve lost touch. Have you failed to stay in regular contact with a past client? It happens. Do what it takes to reconnect.
  • Check if all your clients and other referral sources are in the database. You might be surprised to discover that someone important is not on your list.
  • Check to see if a client should be deleted from your database. Don’t waste time and money on past clients that have no chance of giving you more business or referrals.
  • Check that you have input all your NEW contacts.

When you find something amiss, correct it. The healthier your database, the more likely you are to attract referrals and repeat business.

Takeaway point: Keep your real estate contact management database healthy by giving it a regular check-up.

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