Impress Real Estate Leads with a Professional Package

Impress your leads with a professional real estate marketing package You’re driving to a listing presentation and you stop at a light. On the light pole at the intersection you notice that someone has put up a poster, stuck there haphazardly with masking tape. The poster is torn in spots and faded by the weather. There is even a spelling mistake.

Scribbled in big block letters the poster reads: “John Smith, #1 Real Estate Agent in South Florida. Call Today.”

Now, would you consider trusting your retirement savings to this person?

Of course you wouldn’t!

John Smith may, in fact, be an excellent and highly experienced Agent. But, unfortunately, his real estate marketing materials are telling a completely different story.

What story are your real estate marketing and presentation materials telling?

Are they positioning you as a helpful, knowledgeable professional? Or are they communicating a different message?

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Many real estate agents are inconsistent with elements of their “professional package.” One agent for example, may have great looking business cards and a knockout website, but have a voicemail message that is dull and unwelcoming. Another agent may have terrific presentation skills, but have a listing kit that is disorganized and amateurly designed.

Your professional package includes all the ways that you communicate with prospects, clients, and colleagues:

  • Business cards and stationary
  • E-mail signatures (you can create a professional looking email signature and header in your CRM for Agents).
  • Websites and website lead capture form (Your CRM for Agents can provide you with a professional lead capture form for your website).
  • Newsletters
  • Listing presentations
  • Voicemail messages
  • Car
  • Clothing
  • Personal grooming
  • Advertising and marketing materials

Take a closer look at all the elements of your professional package. Make sure they’re all telling the same story.

Takeaway point: Do one thing this week to improve your professional package.

What’s one component of YOUR professional package that you’re proud of? Please leave a comment below!