Quiz: Are You Keeping in Touch Effectively?

Use a real estate crm to ensure you're keeping in touchStaying in touch with past clients and continuing to build relationships with leads that are not ready to buy or sell right away is a vital part of running a successful real estate sales business. Take this quiz to see how well you’re doing in staying in contact with your sphere and remaining “top of mind.”

Circle either T for True or F for False. At the end, add up how many T’s you circled.

  1. I send out a monthly real estate e-Newsletter to my past clients (T/ F)
  2. I’ve set up all of my leads on drip marketing programs  (T/ F)
  3. I make quarterly “keep in touch calls” to my best clients (T/ F)
  4. I send out Just Listed/ Just Sold e-Cards or e-Flyers (T/ F)
  5. I contact my clients on their birthdates (T/ F)
  6. I contact my clients on their home purchase anniversary date (T/ F)
  7. I send direct mail to my best clients (T/ F)
  8. I organize events such as client appreciation parties and home expert seminars (T/ F)
  9. I sponsor events, teams, and/ or clubs that I know my clients are involved in (T/ F)

How did you do?

Three or less true answers: You have some work to do when it comes to maximizing how well you keep in touch. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to make some changes and implement the suggestions above.

Four to seven true answers: You’re doing well but there’s still some room for improvement. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of your real estate CRM to ensure you’re keeping in touch as effectively as possible. Remember, the better you keep in contact, stay top of mind, and build relationships, the more referrals and repeat business you’ll reap.

More than seven true answers: Pat yourself on the back because you’re doing a good job when it comes to keeping in touch! Congratulations.

Remember, a real estate CRM will make it easy for you to do everything outlined in this quiz. So if you’re serious about staying in touch and building that coveted referrals and repeat business, make sure you adopt a CRM into your business and use it on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised at how little time you’ll need to spend.

Let us know how well you scored! Please leave a comment below.