Is Your Real Estate Database Ancient History?

Make sure your real estate database is currentYou meet an acquaintance at a cocktail party. It has been a while since you’ve been in contact. You start the conversation by asking how things are working out in his position as a marketing manager for a software company. “Oh, that’s ancient history,” he says. “I left that job six months ago and started my own consulting business.”

It’s amazing how quickly things change.

According to statistics from the United States Post Office, more than 17% of Americans change their address each year. And that’s just for starters. These days, people are getting promoted, starting new jobs, building new relationships, having kids, doing home renovations, acquiring new hobbies, relocating, and going back to school — more than ever before.

Is Your Real Estate Database Current?

Take a close look at your real estate database. Is it up-to-date? Or is some of the information “ancient history”?

Your real estate database of past clients and referral sources is the foundation of all your real estate marketing efforts. If you’re not diligent about keeping it current, the number of referrals and the amount of repeat business you attract will start to diminish.

Why risk it? Especially when it’s so easy to update the information.

Every month you learn new things about your past clients. Joan H. has a new job. Bill F.’s daughter just started college. Oliver & Jennifer P. just gave birth to their third child (they may need a larger home!).

Whenever you learn something new about a past client or referral source, update the contact record in your Agent CRM. It only takes a minute. And the information will help you build loyalty with a client that could potentially last a lifetime.

Takeaway point: Never let your real estate database become ancient history.

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How current would you say your database is on a scale of one to ten? Leave a comment below!