Real Estate Marketing: What Makes Our Real Estate CRM’s Email Templates Unique, Not Canned

Ensure your real estate CRM contains well written email templatesOne of the reasons you may be thinking about signing up for a real estate CRM (CRM stands for customer relationship management if you’re wondering), is because it comes with email templates you can use to send to your real estate leads and /or clients, right?

Perhaps you want to ramp up your real estate marketing, assign your leads to drip marketing campaigns and/ or send your clients impactful and effective marketing emails.

But there’s one problem: you’re worried that the real estate CRM is giving you canned instead of unique email templates. You’re concerned that they may be poorly written and sound generic and impersonal.

Generic Templates in Your Real Estate CRM

This is a legitimate concern. After all, you may have had this experience in the past with real estate contact management systems or you’ve heard other agents express this concern about templates in real estate CRM solutions.

At IXACT Contact, we’ve taken great lengths to create a library of email and letter templates and to ensure that each one is anything but canned. Each email and letter has been written by a professional real estate copywriter. The content is from leading real estate trainers and coaches (real estate marketing experts) and from our parent company, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group.

One of the advantages of using IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management software is that here at IXACT, we’re able to leverage content from Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, and bring that content to you.

Morris, as we call the company for short, is a highly successful real estate marketing firm that has been working with Agents for over 20 years, writing and designing professional and impactful direct marketing pieces (flyers, newsletters, brochures etc.).

The templates in IXACT Contact (which there’s no additional cost for, by the way), were designed to help you stand out from the crowd. They were created to be pieces that your contacts would find useful, helpful, and interesting. They were also designed to position you as the industry expert.

Many of our customers use the templates “out of the box” and find they don’t need to change anything about them. They send them as is. Other customers prefer to use the templates and customize them so they fit their unique personality and how they’re used to speaking with clients and prospects. Customizing templates in IXACT Contact is very easy (after all, we ARE the “easy to use” real estate CRM).

In fact, if you’d like to customize email templates, you’ll find that IXACT Contact has a leg up over the other real estate contact management systems out there. Here’s why: with IXACT Contact, you can insert mail merge fields anywhere within the body of an email. This means that even if you send the same email to 10,000 contacts, each one can be highly personalized so the recipient thinks that it was written just for them. You can say “Hi Mary” in the salutation and then throughout the body of the email continue to reference Mary’s name.

Customer feedback on our library of email and letter templates has been absolutely amazing. Nathaniel Zachary, an Agent in Orlando, Florida gave us permission to share with you a comment he’s given to us. According to Nathaniel, “Your email templates are absolutely brilliant. I’ve tried many templates from many different companies, but yours are the best I’ve seen so far.” This is what one Agent has had to say but these types of comments come to us on a weekly basis.

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Have “canned, poorly written email templates” in CRM systems been a concern for you?

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