The Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Tactic is…

Recent survey found that email marketing was the most effective real estate marketing tacticDuring the 2012 Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® Conference in Orlando, Florida, Imprev conducted a survey among the Agents who attended and came back with some interesting real estate marketing findings. The focus of this article is the survey’s findings as they relate to real estate contact management.

Email marketing was ranked by agents to be the number one most effective “marketing product” (using the survey terminology) that they currently use.

The study also found that more than three-out-of-four Agents said that drip marketing (or more specifically, automated drip eMarketing) was their second most preferred marketing tool (followed by an iPad Presentation App).

The fact that the majority of Agents in the study stated that email marketing is effective (in fact, the “most effective” tactic available) should prompt agents skeptical about email marketing to give it a shot or perhaps make more use of it.

Real estate sales professionals who do not have an email marketing software they’re using to run drip email/ drip marketing campaigns should consider an all in one solution like IXACT Contact. IXACT Contact is a real estate contact management system, an email marketing platform, and an e-Newsletter service in one. With IXACT Contact, Agents get tremendous value for their money.

Another interesting finding from the survey was how important iPads and smartphones are to Agents in increasing productivity.

According to Renwick Congdon, CEO and Founder of Imprev, “The iPad from Apple is quickly becoming a ubiquitous marketing and productivity tool for the real estate industry.” We think that Congdon would agree that the same can be said for Smartphones as smartphones came out on top in the survey’s “favourite technology” category.

If your real estate contact management software is not iPad compatible, or does not have a Wireless Smartphone Sync (wireless sync) feature, you may want to look at other systems on the market, such as IXACT Contact.

In order to maximize your productivity, your real estate CRM needs to sync with your smartphone and work on your iPad. Even if you don’t have an iPad right now, you may realize down the road that you need one. Therefore, make sure you ask the right questions when deciding on a real estate CRM.

IXACT Contact works perfectly on the iPad and has a state-of-the-art Smartphone Wireless Sync feature.

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What do you think of the survey’s findings? Do you agree?

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