Real Estate Sales: The Secret Formula for Pulling Yourself Out of a Slump

How to pull yourself out of a slump in real estate salesIn real estate sales, as in any profession, setbacks are common. We all experience those moments when we just can’t seem to catch a break. When that happens, it’s all too easy to feel frustrated and unmotivated. We just want to hide in a corner somewhere, ruminate, and eat a tub of ice-cream.

Yet, there is a proven formula you should use to pull yourself out of a slump.

1.  Do something

2.  Do more

3.  Keep doing it

According to Robert W. Bly, author of Magnetic Selling, “This formula is so simple – it contains a total of seven words – that some may be tempted to dismiss it, even though it works for thousands of other business professionals.”

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say business has been slow. Your commission checks are lower. You’re not attracting as many hot prospects, referrals and repeat sales as you need.

According to Bly, “Most professionals in a slump spend most of their time worrying and planning. They’re stuck in the “paralysis of analysis.”

But the only way to reverse a slump is through action. That’s step one. You must do something.

For example, you can introduce yourself to more referral sources, update your IXACT Contact Agent CRM database to get better results, schedule a client appreciation night, visit your best past clients, and so forth.

The second step is “Do more.” As Bly points out, “Just doing one or two things is probably not enough to turn things around.” You need to do a lot of things.

Finally, step three is, “Keep doing it.” By doing more of the right things, more of the right things will happen for your business. Soon, you’ll be getting more leads, opportunities and sales. Before you know it, your slump will be forgotten.

Bly’s proven formula is easy to implement. The next time you feel discouraged and tempted give up, try it. It works.

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Have you been in a slump before? If so, how did you pull yourself out of it?

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