How to: Stay Connected with your Leads and Past Clients even through the Holidays

Whether you are going shopping for gifts, indulging in that amazing turkey and stuffing or celebrating the holidays with your favorite Christmas movies, your real estate business is virtually the last thing on your mind. Don’t feel guilty, you deserve a break. But, that is why a real estate CRM that acts as your own […]

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Generate Word of Mouth Advertising for Your Real Estate Business

word of mouth advertising

Since referral marketing is such an important lead generation strategy for Agents, I wanted to share this terrific article on the subject. It’s written by Brian Kline and first appeared on Realty News Net.  The article examines how important referrals are for Real Estate agents, and how to encourage your contacts to mention you to their […]

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Real Estate Sales: The Secret Formula for Pulling Yourself Out of a Slump

In real estate sales, as in any profession, setbacks are common. We all experience those moments when we just can’t seem to catch a break. When that happens, it’s all too easy to feel frustrated and unmotivated. We just want to hide in a corner somewhere, ruminate, and eat a tub of ice-cream. Yet, there […]

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I’ve Lost so Many…

The below is a re-blog of an article by Brenda Mullen of Keller Williams Realty in San Antonio, Texas. The original blog post in ActiveRain can be found here. The article starts here: I didn’t realize how many I’ve lost.  It’s so sad to think about now…but looking back, this could have been prevented.  It’s so […]

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How Referral Worthy Are You

Take this quiz to see how well you’re doing with getting referrals in real estate. Are you using a real estate contact management software?

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Reconnecting with Past Clients is Easier than You Might Think

One of the key elements of successful referral and repeat marketing is keeping in touch with past clients. Only by communicating in just the right way, at just the right frequency, can you ensure a steady stream of referrals and repeat sales. But what if you’ve lost touch with a client you did business with […]

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