4 Ways to Retain Real Estate Clients After the Sale

real estate retentionToday I’m sharing a post with you from RETechnology. Read on to learn how you can retain real estate clients after you make the sale.

Much advice about staying in touch with clients after the sale revolves around the same old suggestions–dripping out canned emails, sending occasional postcards and holiday messages. While there’s nothing wrong with these methods, there’s nothing exactly memorable about them, either. And if they’re not helping your former clients remember you, what’s the point?

In the midst of a transaction, your clients view you as a resource. You’re their guide to finding a home or buyer, offering advice on the complicated process of buying or selling. To stay memorable post-sale, agents must continue to be seen as a resource to clients. To do this, agents can tap into their clients’ needs as a homeowner.

From Agent to Resource

You can start doing this right from the close of a transaction. One way is to create a moving guide that lists local service providers that new homeowners may need–utilities, internet, plumbers, landscapers, and beyond. Give this to your clients along with your closing gift to establish yourself as a post-sale resource right from the get-go.

Don’t forget to mention that you are happy to provide recommendations for any other kind of professional services that homeowners may need. Offer your phone number and email address for them to contact you directly for information. Or you can refer them to your website if you have a list or directory of professional services there.

Tap Into Your Network

Staying top of mind as a valuable resource means playing the long game. The buyers from your most recent sale may find your moving guide helpful now, but how can you connect once they become experienced homeowners?

One method is to host periodic “home expert seminars” and invite your former clients to attend. Tap into your network of home related professionals to find a speaker that can share their knowledge on a topic relevant to homeowners. For example, if you know of a contractor who’s full of great advice on, say, landscaping or winterizing a home, invite them to share their knowledge at your event.

It’s a great way to not only strengthen your relationship with clients, but bolster your ties to other professionals. By sharing promotional duties with the other party, the reach of your event will extend to your speaker’s network, as well, offering an opportunity to meet new potential clients.

Reach Out with a Purpose

Sometimes there’s nothing as effective as a good, old-fashioned phone call. Make it a point to check in with former clients a couple times a year. Don’t go into this call without a purpose, however. Tap into what your client may need.

For example, a recent study from Harvard predicts that annual spending for home improvements will increase by 6.8% in the second quarter of 2016. If your conversation reveals that renovations are on the horizon for your client, ask if they need contractor referrals or other recommendations.

In a similar vein, perhaps your client has recently attempted some DIY home improvements. This is often a source of remorse for homeowners, with 1 in 3 regretting undertaking DIY projects:


Whatever talking points you use, make sure the conversation is about your client, but make it clear that you’re a great resource and happy to recommend trusted professionals from your network.

Leverage Your Website

We briefly mentioned offering a list or directory of home services professionals on your Agent website earlier. It’s an easy way to be viewed as a resource by clients with very little “heavy lifting” needed from you. If you provide information about related professionals on your site, be sure that those professionals are aware. Send them a friendly email and ask if they’d consider including you on their site in return. It’s an easy way to create goodwill, but you have to let others know first.

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