Top 10 Pieces of Information to Add to Your Agent CRM

Top 10 Pieces of Information to Add to Your Agent CRMHave you ever wondered what you should be learning about your clients and adding to your Agent CRM? Here we share the top ten pieces of information we believe you should add to your real estate database.

This information will let you have more meaningful and personalized interactions with your clients and prospects and become a master at relationship-building.

What to Add to Your Agent CRM:

  1. Birthday and spouse’s birthday
  2. Date moved into current home
  3. Names and interests of children, if applicable
  4. Wedding anniversary date, if applicable
  5. Workplace and profession
  6. Communication history
  7. Interests and hobbies
  8. Details about current home and what your client/prospect believes their “dream home” looks like
  9. Names of people they’ve referred, if applicable
  10. Details about mortgage such as the amount, term, and interest rate

You’ll want to know things like birthdates, wedding anniversary dates, and when your clients move into their home so you can unexpectedly send a card or a small gift on, say, their home purchase anniversary date or their birthday.

Knowing interests and hobbies are important so you can have truly meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects. These are important elements of relationship-building.

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Try to go through the entire list above and think of one way you’d be able to use each item to your benefit from a relationship-building standpoint.

Remember that no one has this information about their contacts right off the bat. Gaining all of this data is a gradual process that can be worked on over time. However, if you focus on building each contact profile in your database, you’ll be amazed at how it’ll all come together.

Do you believe our top ten list is missing anything? Please share your thoughts in the comments area!