Top 4 Real Estate Success Principles that Every Agent Must Follow

Know the keys to real estate sales success and get on board with a good real estate contact management systemToday’s blog post is written by Leighton Dees, chairman and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations in Mobile, Alabama.

In the post, Leighton emphasizes the importance of building relationships with real estate leads and past clients over time. He also highlights how vital it is for Agents to equip themselves with the right technology. “Familiarize yourself with technology and the tools that will allow you to multiply your efforts,” he writes.

If you don’t already have a good, easy to use real estate contact management system, give IXACT Contact a try. It’ll make it quick and easy for you to ensure you’re keeping in touch with past clients and building those important relationships (which of course is what leads to referrals and repeat business).

Enjoy the article:

Disclosure: I believe you must be passionate in order to be successful. I want to help you find your passion and realize the opportunity and potential that is inside of you!

Most real estate professionals get their initial education from a real estate school. They take a test; receive their license and then step into the industry with little more than a hope and a dream.

The challenge in this is the simple fact that while real estate courses are designed to teach you the legalities of real estate, they fail to teach you sales or marketing strategies that affect your bottom line. They also fall short when it comes to sharing how to structure and manage a successful business.

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