Won’t Technology Suck Up My Time, Not Free Up More Time?

How an Agent CRM can save you timeThis is a common misconception we hear at IXACT Contact. The reality is that core technologies, such as a CRM for Agents will free up time for you, and actually give you more “face time” with your clients, not less!

The main reason is that CRMs are designed to help you stay in touch easily and consistently. Most Agents don’t have memories like an elephant so they need a system where they can plan and schedule out their touch points and then get automatic reminders.

A CRM for Agents can prompt you to wish a contact a happy birthday or home purchase anniversary, attend a listing presentation, send out a direct mail piece or a real estate thank you card, make a quarterly relationship call, plan and buy invitations for your upcoming client appreciation event, and more. Without the proper planning and reminders, keeping in touch often falls by the way side.

And an Agent CRM can actually send out keep in touch communications on your behalf. This is where drip marketing comes into play. A good CRM will come with preloaded drip email marketing campaigns for buyer leads, seller leads, FSBOs, and past clients. The system will automatically send out emails at set time intervals. These can be emails that you’ve written, or you can use the emails that come as part of the drip marketing campaign.

At IXACT Contact, all of our real estate email templates are written by Agent marketing experts and each one can be highly personalized. You can even insert the recipient’s name within the body of the email multiple times, so it feels and sounds like it was written just for them.

So, to answer the question about technology taking away time versus give you more time, we hope we made the answer pretty clear and that you agree. Of course, you need to be using a CRM for Agents in the right way; you can’t be at your computer the whole day typing in information. Conversely, you need to allot a certain amount of time for it per day and then get its powerful features working for you. And most importantly, you need to learn the system, understand the features, and actually use them.

Do you use a real estate CRM? Has it helped you become more productive?

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