10 Simple Ways Real Estate Agents Can Stay Relevant to Clients

The post below appeared in InmanNext last month and it’s on a topic we thought you’d be very interested in, since it’s all about effective contact management and creative ways to stay in touch. While reading the post, keep in mind that with a great real estate contact management software, you can cover most of the items on this list. You can even automate and supplement a lot of your keep in touch work with drip marketing and auto responders.

We particularly like #3, “Share your list of preferred vendors.” Use the built-in Business Directory in your CRM for Agents to filter your database by business professional and recommend the right person to a client in a snap! Check out this article to learn more: “Get More Real Estate Leads and Clients with a Business Directory.”


Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads

1. Call clients from time to time

phone calls

2. Write a letter

Write a letter

3. Share your list of preferred vendors

list of preferred vendors

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