4 Excellent Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Real Estate Drip CampaignIn today’s blog post I’m going to outline four great real estate drip campaigns that you can use to nurture all of the leads and past clients in your database. This way, your contacts will use you for all of their real estate needs and refer you to their friends and family for years down the road.

If you’re not using real estate drip campaigns already, start by selecting an easy to use and robust real estate contact management software, like IXACT Contact, that has the campaigns I discuss in this article pre-loaded into your account. You should also be able to create your own custom plans and customize the pre-loaded ones. Keep in mind that the drip campaigns can be composed of emails, letters, to-do’s or a combination of all three.

Here are four excellent real estate drip marketing campaigns:

1. Four month high touch buyer prospecting plan

A four month high touch buyer prospecting plan is used to keep in touch with a seller who will be listing their home within the next four months. It’s great for really staying “top of mind” with a hot lead, maximizing the chances that the lead will use you as their agent when purchasing a home in the next four months.

A good four-month high touch buyer prospecting plan is composed of a combination of drip emails and phone calls. At certain points in time, your Agent CRM will prompt you to call the prospect and discuss ways you can sell their home quickly and for the best price, follow-up on a prior email, and more. You’ll probably want to assign this campaign to most of your buyer prospects.

2. Two year seller prospecting plan

A two month seller prospecting plan is used to keep in touch with a seller who has expressed interest in selling their home, but has not yet made a firm commitment. With this plan, as with all the others outlined in this article, you can choose to communicate via email or letters. Both have their advantages, with email being faster to send out and being instantaneous, while letters on the other hand potentially having more of an impact. All of the emails or letters in this plan have been specifically formulated to appeal to potential sellers and entice them to use you as their Agent.

3. Six month after purchase nurturing plan

A six month after purchase nurturing plan is used to keep in touch with a client you just helped find and buy a new home. After six months, you would transition the contact to the five year sphere of influence nurturing plan (discussed below). Although this plan runs for six months, each email or letter is perfectly timed so you don’t come across as a pest but your client knows you haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth either!  During these six months, the plan will help you get more referrals from the satisfied clients you just worked with and will help you get these clients contacting you every so often for recommendations on reputable home professionals like plumbers, landscapers, or interior designers.

4. Five year sphere of influence nurturing plan

This plan would be used to keep in touch with past clients and other close contacts (friends, neighbors, family members, etc.) that will likely do business with you and refer you, if you stay in touch effectively. As well, this plan is for all the contacts that have just come off your six month after purchase nurturing campaign. This is the plan you’ll want to assign to most of the contacts in your database as it’s a long-term campaign that will help you stay in touch with most of the people in your database in just the right ways.

Remember, it’s not just about communicating through email; you should aim to phone your contacts as well at certain points in time. And with a good real estate CRM, you will have the required tools to supplement this plan with client appreciation events, home expert seminars, and direct mail. The communications that are part of this campaign range from a friendly check-in call (“Do you have any real estate questions?”) to discussions around a pre-home inspection to helpful tips and ideas surrounding home ownership.

Real estate drip marketing campaigns make staying in touch with your entire database easy without a big commitment of time. If you’re looking to get more referrals and repeat business from those in your sphere, you’ll want to take advantage of drip marketing plans today!