3 Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate CRM

If you want to improve on your communication, you need a real estate CRMThe 2013 California Home Buyer Survey just came out and the data is interesting! The one thing that stood out to us is that the top three reasons clients were dissatisfied with their agent all revolved around communication. And one of the key benefits of using a real estate CRM is that it helps you to ensure you’re communicating effectively with your sphere of influence (SOI).

Here are the top three reasons for dissatisfaction with an agent:

  • Slow response times – 82%
  • Ineffective/ inefficient communication – 48%
  • Undesirable communication methods – 43%

If you want to improve on your communication, you need a real estate CRM. Here are three reasons why a CRM will help:

1. Automated website lead capture makes it effortless to respond as soon as a lead contacts you.

A good real estate CRM will make it easy to capture leads automatically from your website into your real estate database and will notify you via email to your smartphone the moment an inquiry is received. This is important because you can then call that lead right away and/ or assign them to a drip marketing campaign so they’ll automatically get an email from you.

2. Drip marketing campaigns and a monthly e-Newsletter make it easy to keep in touch at all times.

If you’re busy, it’s easy for staying in touch to fall by the way side. That’s why drip marketing campaigns (which automate a lot of your marketing communications) and a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter will be instrumental to your success.

3. Automatic prompts and listing and closing Activity Plans make communication more effective and efficient.

Your CRM will remind you (or your assistant) when to make that important phone call, when to create mail merge labels and send those letters, or when to fire off that urgent email. And listing and closing Activity Plans help you make sure that no detail is missed when it comes to listing and closing a home – you’ll know the client will be communicated with at just the right times and with the right frequency.

As a real estate sales professional, there’s a lot of insight to glean from the 2013 California Home Buyer Survey. One of those insights is that communication is paramount. Make sure you’re doing what you can to provide clients with what they value.

Do you agree with the report’s findings? How do you communicate with your clients? Please leave a comment below!