3 Ways to Express Personality in Your Real Estate Email Marketing

Real estate email marketingToday’s blog post is by leading real estate virtual assistant, Pamela Cendejas. Pamela is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Second Self Virtual Assistance. Enjoy:

You can always tell a good author by the descriptive details of their characters.  As you read, the players come alive and you’re able to imagine how they look and what their voices sound like.  The same should be true with your email.  Your readers should be able to feel like they’re getting to know “the real” you.

Here are three simple-to-do ideas you can put into action to express your own personality in your real estate email marketing:

1. Bring Your Experience to the Table – Sharing your personal experiences is a great way to compete in today’s market.  It provides a glimpse into who you are and can be used as a teachable moment; honestly expressing your successes and challenges and how you handled them.

Create a list of your current and past skills and experiences.  See how they fit into what you are trying express in your emails. Think about what your contacts can learn from them.

2. Let People Know How You Feel – Is there something going on in your industry that you’re really excited about?  Have you just learned about a shady practice that your real estate database needs to be warned about?  Talking honestly about subjects that you’re passionate about is a great way to open up to your contacts.

Don’t be afraid to share the success and knowledge of other people you admire with your readers.  Give them a link to particularly interesting articles or blog posts.  You need to be the “go to” person that your contacts know they can trust.

3. Have a Conversation with Yourself – If you’re having trouble finding your own voice, practice by having a conversation with yourself.  Do you sound natural?  When you read the emails you’ve written, do they sound like you or someone else?

Your email should be written in a casual conversational tone – like they’re coming from an old friend.  If you’re naturally funny and quick-witted, let that shine through.  If you tend to be more serious or tutorial, let your writing convey that.  Like they say, “Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”

By putting these three ideas into practice, you’ll be able to use your own voice to share your experiences and knowledge in your emails.  Letting people get to know “the real” you instills a sense of friendship and trust with those in your real estate contact management system.

How do you show personality in your emails? Please leave a comment below!

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