7 Tips to Make Your Best Clients Feel Special

In real estate, it's important to make sure your best clients feel specialTake a look at your real estate contact management database. Chances are, approximately 20% of the people on that list give you 80% of your referrals and repeat business.

That is, of course, an example of Parato’s Principle; the so-called “80-20” rule.

How you treat those cream-of-the-crop contacts will have a significant impact on the amount of new business you attract.

If you treat that 20% well, they will continue to support you. If you neglect them, then you risk losing their loyalty — probably to a competitor.

Your real estate marketing strategy should consist of monthly e-newsletters, direct mail, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings. These are key to building and maintaining client loyalty. But for those special contacts in your top 20%, you need to do more.

How much more?

Seven tips to recognize your best clients and prospects:

1. Arrange to visit them at their home at least once a year. Holidays are a great excuse for visiting.

2. Remember their birthdays and send a card with a personal hand-written message.

3. Offer to take them for lunch.

4. Invite them, as your personal guest, to a home improvement seminar or other event.

5. Call to say “hello.”

6. Send them something special in the mail, such as a Thank You note or card.

7. Call in the early spring and ask if they need any home service recommendations.

Use IXACT Contact to schedule all of your keep in touch activities, such as home visits, phone calls, birthday greetings, etc., and get the system to remind you on key dates and times.

Takeaway point: Make your top 20% feel special.

Are you already doing any of these seven tips? Which one(s)? Leave a comment!

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